All Time Favorite Racing Games For Kids 2018

Welcome to our best car racing games for kids guide and tutorial. If you are a mother, father or guardian looking for the coolest racing mobile games for your kids then you have come to the right website at the right time. We have done our due diligence in searching and compiling the list of best racing mobile games that’s suitable for kids of all age. We hop that you will find this post useful and informative. Additionally, we believe that this post will serve as a basis for your search for the coolest and fun filled racing games for your kids.

Racing Games for Kids of All Ages

The following are some of the best racing games for kids of all ages. Also, all the racing games listed below are freeware. Meaning, downloading, installing and playing the games are all free.

Asphalt 8 Game

racing games for kids

Even a blind man could have seen it come from afar. You don’t need much thinking to figure out why asphalt 8 made it to the list of car racing game. The game is available on both PC and mobile devices. You can download any version of your choice depending on the device you are using to play the game.

In the game, there are different game modes. You are allowed to choose according to your preference. Time laps, one-way traffic and carrier are some of the available games modes that you can select. You should be aware that each mode has its unique goals and objectives. For instance, in the time laps mode, your goal will be to reach your destination within the specified time. Once you have exhausted your assigned time without reaching your destination, the game is over, and you are assumed to have lost.

The coolest thing about asphalt 8 is the option to select different cars of your choice. Players have the option of selecting from a vast arrays of top car brands like Audi, Ferrari, Honda, Lexus and BMW.

Coin Master

Next on the line is the newly released coin master game. Just as the name suggest, the game is designed for teens and kids that love adventures. in the game, you will be collection coins which can be used for in-house game upgrades. However, if you find getting coins difficult, you could try the new and updated coin master hack for android and iOS device. It makes generating coins for all your needs easy and hassles free.

Need for Speed

need for speed

Moving on from asphalt 8 racing game, we want to talk about need for speed. That’s the second coolest racing game that can be played both on a PC and mobile phone devices. the game is modelled after the movie. In the game, you can choose different objectives and goals. Escape game mode has the cops hot on your trail. Your primary task is to escape. But then again, escape is not that easy considering the caliber of cops pursuing you.

To increase your chances of escape, there is the option to customize and upgrade your car to your taste and needs. bumper, exhaust, nitro, braking system and balancing system are some of the available upgrades that can be performed. Obviously. You should know that these upgrades and customization comes at a price. A price which you must pay in full.