7 Hottest Mobile Games You Never Knew Existed

Thanks for stopping by our website. Welcome. We hope that you will find the information we provide here useful and relevant in your gaming adventures. In this article, we have selected and featured only the best Android and iOS games that you can’t get bored playing. However, you should know that the list you are about to peruse is oue personal preferences. As a result, we understand that most of you may not agree which fine by us. Now that we have cleared that, lets get started.


robux hackThe Roblox robux game is among the oldest ideas in the game planet and yet, it typically takes place that somebody manages to reinvent it by adding easy touches, in the very simple power-up game breaker to revolutionary gameplay. Roblox robux brings lots of new features to the table. It becomes more interesting with the latest roblox hack for hacking unlimited free robux. There are different ways to obtain free roblox robux hack for hacking Roblox resources. Follow our guide to get the full details.

Roblox is rather in the second category for the reason that here there is no question of preventing the balls from falling for the ground, but just breaking bricks requiring a specific number of blows just before bursting while harvesting new balls that may make the following round is easier. To try urgently.

Sky Chasers

skychaser gameIn Sky Chasers, the player ought to help a pilot to come from one particular point for the other of a level using a modest vessel propelled by two reactors. By pressing on the left a part of the screen, 1 activates the left reactor and pressing around the suitable component, the correct reactor.

Handling is instinctive, graphics in pixel-art are especially cute along with the game includes a really progressive difficulty producing it pretty accessible. A totally free gem that offers only one in-app acquire to get rid of the advertisement.


play duet gameIn Duet, the player controls two tiny balls that spin in one path or the other around an invisible axis. The purpose ? To reach from one particular finish to the other from the dozen level that counts the game devoid of exploding only one particular on the different moving or motionless platforms which stand in its way. A game of talent whose principle is understood inside a handful of seconds, but which can be incredibly rapidly heat the neurons with some at times complicated passages.

Alto’s Odyssey

Following losing his llamas in the middle in the mountain, Alto now goes on an adventure in a lot of other worlds. The game is constantly a runner placing you on skis to survey several landscapes this time a lot more idyllic and colorful considering that not topic to the universe from the first episode. It is actually generally a game of really high high-quality and practical experience to perform on Android, particularly as the game is cost-free and supported by ads.

Rayman Adventures

If you are looking for a thing somewhat far more punchy or colorful, Rayman Adventures need to do just that. No surprise here, this can be a runner – platform game in which we play Rayman once once again hunting for old eggs this time. Platform, exploration, runner , there’s anything for all tastes and the graphics are also incredibly beautiful.

Punch Quest

Should you like dynamic runners, Punch Quest will immerse you inside the dungeons in the controls of a badass adventurer who can ride dinosaurs. To defeat the skeletons, trolls, magi and other ghouls that plague the location, your two best weapons will probably be your fists.

Hungry Cat Picross

Your issue is far more calm games that need reflection? So Hungry Cat Picross is specifically what you will need. This is a Picross, a game in which the player have to blacken boxes inside a grid with the enable of numerical indications in an effort to bring out drawings. However, developers have gone even additional right here considering the fact that you will discover several colors to fill in every grid. The principle is clever, the realization could be the little onions and also the life monstrous. The kind of game that swiftly turns into challenging drugs, especially as new grids are added every Tuesday.